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Buyer's Guide to Compost Quality

Chemical fertilizers that carry a label by law must declare their nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) content. Compost contains much less concentrated amounts of these elements, but is typically called a "soil amendment" rather than a fertilizer. Some compost manufacturers have laboratory test results for their products, but not all do.  Ask your prospective compost supplier for references or test results on their product.  Call for ours, or click here.  Compost is a living organic product that has the unique ability to improve not only the chemical balance, but also the texture and biological characteristics of soils.  Mature compost should be dark brown in color.  It should have a loose, crumbly texture, and briefly hold its shape (but not drip water) when squeezed in your hand.  It should have an "earthy" smell, not an ammonia or "rotten egg," odor.