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    • More effective than silt fences
    • Low maintenance
    • Can be temporary or permanent
    • More attractive than silt fences
    • Faster to install, easier to maintain, and faster remove
    • Less waste- no plastic, felt, posts, or wire backing
    • Geotextiles
    • Blanket and Wattles
    • Silt and Orange Barrier fencing
    • Sod Staples and Stakes
    • Sand, Field, and Filter Bags
    • Field, Welded Wire, and more!
    • Turbidity Barriers
    • Coir Logs and Mats

    US Erosion Control Products:

    We proudly carry the US Erosion Control Products line; innovators & leaders in Geotextiles, Silt Fence, Landscaping, and Erosion Control Products. While we do not currently install anything but our own mulch socks, we can recommend installers in the Central Texas area who install soil retention blankets, barrier fencing, hydro-seeding, and just about anything else. Our referrals have field proven professionalism & exceptional knowledge in the erosion control industry. All are companies that we have personally worked with in the past,  and can vouch for 100%. 

    Below are just a few of the many products available

    Erosion Control Products

    Mulch & Compost filter socks:

    This is the most exciting advancement in erosion control. Mesh netting filled with mulch, compost, or a mix of the two are now used to replace silt fence and erosion check dams. This is a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), LCRA, and City of Austin approved method. Our socks are made in a variety of lengths, sizes & options. The netting comes in a variety of colors, available in 3/8” inch, 1/8” inch mesh openings and seed can be added for creating permanent vegetative barriers and filters.

    Benefits of mulch socks over silt fencing and check dams

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